We offer competitive financing and leasing opportunities, making our equipment much more accessible for businesses.

Leasing and finance solutions from ABS & Southeastern Wholesale Leasing make it easy to acquire, manage and control your office equipment. Through our strategic partnership we have the ability to offer customized solutions detailed to your organization’s specific needs. As a managing partner of Southeastern Wholesale Leasing, we are able to provide competitive rates and local approval decisions. Whether you are interested in new or off-lease office equipment, we have the right financing solution.

Here are some advantages of our leasing and financing programs that make us different:

  • Simple application process
  • Immediate local approval decision
  • Custom tailored funding
  • Flexible end-of-lease purchase options
  • 90 Day Same As Cash Options
  • No automatic annual renewals
  • No remarketing fees
  • No Insurance fees
  • No document fees
  • New or Used Equipment
  • Personalized customer service representative
  • ACH auto-debit services, no fee
  • Standard FMV Leasing
  • Lease-to-Own
  • Financing
  • Rentals
  • Managed Print Services

The Benefits of Equipment Leasing

If you own a small or medium-sized business and want to acquire new equipment, it’s important to know some of the key advantages of equipment leasing. That way you can make the best decision for your business’ needs. When you chose to lease, your business will enjoy many valuable benefits!

Save Cash

Equipment financing saves your working capital that would otherwise be used if you were to pay cash for your equipment. With an equipment lease program, which is designed around your specific equipment needs and budget, you make affordable monthly payments over time. This allows you to save your money for business expenses, expansion, and more.

Predictable Low Monthly Payments

Leasing enables you to pay over time, rather than invest a lump sum up front. Lease payments can be tailored to budget levels or revenue streams and may be tax deductible.

Section 179 Tax Benefits

Equipment lease financing presents your business with some fantastic tax benefits. The IRS allows for lease payments to be fully deductible if your business uses the leased equipment.

Avoid Outdated Equipment

Depending on the type of business you own, equipment leasing may help you stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and technology. Being able to make upgrades to newer equipment when your short-term lease is up can give your company a competitive edge. When you buy equipment, you are stuck with it unless you can sell it. So, if your business uses equipment that is periodically updated with better technology and capabilities, leasing might be the best option.

Ability to Bundle Costs

Leasing offers you the ability to finance hardware, software and services in one transaction. The convenience of one-stop shopping offers an immediate, affordable way for you to meet your business needs. We can also fund multiple pieces of equipment in one single transaction. For example we can finance an organization to upgrade workstations, server, phone system and copier in one single transaction, with one low monthly payment.